Philanthropy Expert helps you maximize your philanthropic efforts to work for and support your mission, vision, objectives, and bottom-line. We eliminate waste, capitalize on resources, and build your philanthropic presence and reputation. We see the big picture when it comes to philanthropy, including all of philanthropy’s players—corporations, nonprofits, foundations, and families—and provide services tailored to each player’s specific needs and goals. Our insider perspective and holistic view of philanthropy ensures every philanthropic effort our clients engage in is purposeful, strategic, and rewarding.


We provide tailored services to

  • Corporations

  • Foundations

  • Nonprofits

  • Families

  • helping each to optimize and build their investments and resources.

    Our Team

    Philanthropy Expert offers a team of experts experienced in all facets of philanthropy. Our team’s experience and success across a myriad of industries enables us to leverage philanthropy in groundbreaking ways to maximize implementable, creative and lasting solutions. LEARN MORE ABOUT PE’S TEAM OF EXPERTS.

    Success Stories

    At Philanthropy Expert, we have worked with corporations, civic leaders, family offices, social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, associations, and universities.

    We provide the expertise and tools to aid our clients in becoming more effective, efficient, and successful in achieving their philanthropic goals. LEARN MORE ABOUT PE’S SUCCESS STORIES.

    Organizations We Have Worked With

    A partial list of clients our team members have served to improve operations, strategies and philanthropic impact. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION’S PE HAS WORKED WITH.


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