Nonprofit Leadership Coaching

Article by Stephanie Monahan

“Coaching is partnering with an individual or group in a thoughtprovoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

-International Coaching Federation 

We all behave in intuitive patterns; each is different and contributes in diverse ways. When organizations and leaders invest time and energy into their team’s talents, they collectively achieve greater success. By embracing their natural talents, employees and teams feel more confident to take risks and find greater success in achieving personal and professional goals. People who focus on their strengths also enhance their work/life balance and are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life. They develop critical thinking skills, learning agility, and confidence.

As a leader, you know the importance of continually improving your skills. Individualized coaching can not only have a lasting impact on teams and first-time leaders but also on tenured professionals. Personalized coaching improves individual or team performance by identifying and leveraging strengths and learning and understanding blind spots. This results in a more positive work environment, which enhances morale, commitment, and productivity.

Employers who commit to their employees’ growth, development, and success through strengths-based development find it:

  • Increases performance by 18%
  • Decreases agency turnover rates by 17%
  • Improves career well-being by 4.4%
  • Achieves a 10% increase in customer satisfaction (client-centered)
  • Retains and supports key leadership
  • Develops high-potential talent
  • Creates a strength-based organizational culture

Coaching is the right decision for anyone looking to:

  • Make a change personally or professionally
  • Develop your effectiveness as a leader
  • Help an employee with a change they would like to make
  • Receive support in overcoming a barrier to your success
  • Build self-awareness to enable personal and professional growth and change
  • Create a leadership development plan that integrates your strengths and values

Enter PE’s Nonprofit Leadership Coaching! Trained in various coaching models, our consultants provide a confidential, safe, and supportive environment to grow both personally and professionally. Our approach focuses on what people do well and then emphasizes and builds on those strengths to help individuals and teams become more accountable, satisfied, and successful. Grounded in a strengths-based approach of assessment and support, our coaching will help you cultivate your talents to achieve individual and organizational goals. Throughout each engagement, we help clients achieve success by exploring their aspirations for work and life; bringing to life current talents and associated behaviors and creating a better understanding of how to leverage their strengths and leadership style.

Our personalized approach to coaching relationships includes:

  • An individual development plan specific to your personal and professional goals
  • Ongoing one-on-one feedback and support that enhances your professional growth and personal development
  • CliftonStrengths Online Talent Assessments (optional upgrade)

The Great Resignation is well underway and it’s becoming harder and harder to retain great team members and/or hire new ones. If you’re looking to strengthen your team and increase your employees’ confidence and ability to raise funds in support of your mission, our next cohort is meant for you!

PE Academy Presents:

Coaching to Improve Employee Engagement

Our experts have a proven track record of helping Colorado’s nonprofit sector thrive, and will teach you how to build, develop and grow a strengths-based team to achieve your organizational and fundraising goals. We will share our evidence-informed approach to hiring, onboarding, developing, and retaining employees as you codify your team of excellence. Our Gallup Certified Strengths Coach will support you in unpacking the boss-to-coach framework, elevating your strengths as a leader, and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your team. Through this blended learning model, participants will have the opportunity to network with industry leaders, evaluate their strengths, and understand how diversity, equity, equality, and inclusion show up in the workplace. Throughout our five group sessions and one individual session, we will build a roadmap to improve team member engagement and retention, reduce burnout and turnover, and, most importantly, drive performance.

The Details:

  • Group Session 1: Understanding the Changing Demands of the Workforce
    • Talent acquisition, on-boarding, and retention for success
  • Group Session 2: Strengths-Based Leadership & Your Position on the Continuum
  • Individual Session 3: Your Unique Strengths & Challenges as a Leader
  • Group Session 4: Leading with your Strengths
    • Individual and team performance
    • Understanding what motivates your team (not chocolate!)
  • Group Session 5: Growing Leaders & Performance Management
    • Professional development
    • Reviews and assessments
  • Group Session 6: Practical Applications for a Strengths-Based Culture

The Basics:

  • Six 60-minute courses for $750 
  • Next cohort begins the week of October 12, 2022
  • Tentative schedule: Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. MST
  • Certificate upon completion

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We also offer individual career and leadership coaching for $250 per session.

If you have questions, or would like to learn more about individual coaching, please contact Stephanie Monahan at


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