Comfortable home office

Article by Mel Ulle

Dearest Team and Clients:

Behold an announcement from Philanthropy Expert! It will not be a surprise to most of you but let’s make it official. We’re working from home until the end of time. Until dinosaurs re-inhabit the planet. Until pigs fly.

Okay, we may have a little cute space again in the future, but no one will ever be expected to show up at the office for non-meeting-related work again.

One of the many gifts of COVID-19 has been the recognition that we are all adults here. As adults we have the ability to regulate our schedules independently. This company has always been a “results-only” work environment. Our team is measured by the happiness of their clients, and…. pretty much nothing else. That’s it. It helps if we like each other too.

Zoom is not the same as seeing lovely faces, but we will be more mindful of connecting in person once it’s safe in less formal settings. Our hope is that our clients will also be more discerning about which meetings need to be done in person. I suspect that many will not need to be IRL and our clients should be ready for us to manage expectations more. There will be pushing back.

There are many benefits to our new no-office future: pajama bottoms forever, pedicures never, less risk of a DUI when your happy hour is at home, hauling most of those suits and dresses to ARC or Goodwill, and of course our five collective dogs will be happier.

The downside: the coffee is on you.

As we learn to adapt a new world, we look forward to working better and more efficiently… but always in our slippers.

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